The Pulse Clinic defines therapy as the basic medical branch. Therapeutic medicine carries out a primary examination of the patient and performs diagnostics of the general condition, work of internal organs and systems. The physician’s therapist most often determines the causes and consequences of the onset of the disease. The therapist is able to diagnose the disease and determine the course of treatment.

It is believed that the Therapist (physician) is one of the most versatile medical professionals. His work is multi-profile and multifunctional, because, due to his professional activities, the first physician first encounters the complaints of the patient and helps him with the treatment or narrowing of the search for the disease within the competence of the particular specialist physician.

The physician is authorized by the therapist to orient the patient according to the volume and specificity of the necessary medical aid.


Clinic Pulse therapists specialize in diagnosis and treatment:

  • viral and cold diseases;
  • causes of weakness and anxiety;
  • abrupt changes in body weight and the presence of excess weight;
  • urinary tract;
  • nervous system;
  • lung disease;
  • digestive system;
  • cardiovascular system;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • metabolic disorders;
  • atypical conditions of the body (headaches, protracted cough, dizziness, allergic reactions, blood pressure changes, etc.).


Therapists of Pulse clinic is a team of highly qualified doctors of the highest category with many years of medical practice and a wealth of experience in successful medical practice.

Physician of clinic Pulse conducts reception in an out-patient clinic, carries out treatment of patients in the in-patient department, if necessary, you can call for doctor to visit patient at home.


At the Clinic of Family Medicine Pulse Doctor-Therapist:

  • carries out the examination of the patient and collects anamnesis;
  • designates analyzes and studies;
  • directs the patient to consultations with narrow-profile doctors;
  • conducts a thorough study of the results of analyzes;
  • explains the peculiarities of the health of the patient, the possible causes of the illness;
  • Appoints an individually chosen treatment scheme.


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