World Hepatitis Day

World Hepatitis Day

Annually, on July 28, World Hepatitis Day (World Hepatitis Day) is being conducted in many countries. The date for his establishment was the birthday of American doctor Baruch Samuel Bloomberg, a Nobel Prize winner who discovered the hepatitis B virus.

Hepatitis viruses are considered as one of the main risk factors for human health. According to WHO, hepatitis struck about 2 billion people in the world, that is, every third inhabitant of the planet. In some countries, viral hepatitis A has suffered from a large part of the population, and a tenth of the population are carriers of hepatitis B and C.

Hepatitis is called inflammation of the liver tissue. There are five major hepatitis viruses that are defined as types A, B, C, D and E. Depending on the type of hepatitis, people can get infected either from infected fluids of an organism or from infected food and water.

Allocate viral hepatitis – it is caused by a virus that is capable of multiplying in the liver cells. Hepatitises caused by different viruses are transmitted in different ways, but they can all cause acute and chronic liver inflammation, which sometimes leads to cirrhosis and cancer. Hepatitis E can cause death in 20% of pregnant women.

There are two ways to protect yourself from hepatitis. First, you can try to avoid infection: keep hygiene (this is important for protection against viruses A and E), to take caution when transfusion and sexual intercourse (this will help prevent viruses В and С). Secondly, it is possible to make vaccinations – with the help of antiviral drugs can cure more than 95% of people with hepatitis C. As a rule, the vaccine reliably protects people from infection with viruses A and B.

Both of these methods of protection appear to be at the center of attention on the World Hepatitis Day, which is dedicated to a specific topic every year. People are told about the importance of preventive measures, provide information materials, warn against risky behavior.

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